lördag 28 april 2012

put the record on.

Detta trycket av Kal Barteski får mig att tänka på min allra första LP jag köpte åp 80-talet;
Troll med favoritlåten Jimmy Dean, hahaha.

This print by Kal Barteski makes me think of my very first LP that I bought in the 80s;
Troll with my favourite song Jimmy Dean, hahaha.

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  1. I had even a better idea, Johanna: this morning I put my sunglasses on and went out for having breakfast in the sun! ;-)
    Today we have the first hot "summer day" in Southern Germany. Come and visit us and assure yourself about our fantastic weather... ;-))

    Somehow or other: have a great and relaxing weekend!


  2. Haha, vad kul, det var min första vinylskiva också! Wååååååååååh, Jimmy Deeeeean! ;) Ja, det var tider det! Barteskitrycket var riktigt läckert...

  3. I just got an LP-recordplayer as a pre-birthdaygift and I adore it with all my soul!!



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