söndag 29 april 2012

humlebæk house.

Love, love, love it!

architecture & photo by norm architects copenhagen via ignant

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  1. "Scotty. Energize! There's no sign of life in this appartment!"



    1. I disagree. Sure there's signs of life.. And surfaces and materials that are alive.. I love it.

    2. Dear friend!

      The appartment is, no doubt, beautifully and well-designed and, of course, tiedied up for the photo shooting.
      But there are (nearly) no traces of human life except a tea pot and some (well arranged) children's gear in what might be the (poor and absolutely empty) children's room.
      The appartment looks more like a showroom but I hardly can imagine that a family continues living there right after the photos were taken.

      That's my impression when looking at the photos.

      You certainly have a different sight on this object, maybe a sight through the glasses of a designer. And that's pretty OK. Obviously you see (and feel) something different like I do.

      Everytime being in a discussion you might come to the conclusion: There are three types of truth.

      My truth.
      Your truth.
      And the truth.

      Have a great rest of the Sunday with a lot of traces of human life!


    3. I think you're spot on when it comes to the fact that we're looking at this home through different eyes with the result that we see & feel differently.
      The three different truth's are a good way of putting it into words ;)

      And I have to tell you; I had a splendid Sunday with loads of human life and loads of nature.. We've prepared our allotment for the coming season. YAY.

  2. Yupp. Love it!
    Fin valborg:)


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