lördag 28 juli 2012


Lördag var den dagen jag fick äta godis som liten. Tänk att få gå hit och köpa sitt Lördagsgodis... Älskar't!

Saturday is the day you're allowed to eat candy as a kid. Imagine going here to get it.. Love it!

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  1. Hej Johanna!

    Happy and enjoyable summertime. We are right on the hop for starting into summer vacation... ;-)

    Do you hold the fort or are you also planning to leave for summer holidays!??

    Have a great time!


  2. Ha, for me it was always Sunday :) Love it!

  3. Mmm, candyday :)Yay.

    In this hot summer day my thoughts wondered of to tattoos and it reminded me of a post you did a while ago. I was wondering if you remember what I mean and could tell me the name of the artist. If I remember correctly the modern tattoos were somekind of brush strokes..

  4. Thank you for answering so quickly and hope you have a great monday evening, too!

  5. how absolutely charming! i'm so glad that people with this kind of mindset still exist. An ideal we should all strive to emulate: quality over quantity. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This shop looks totally amazing!


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