måndag 25 juni 2012


Jag gillar verkligen hur Alexander Kent fångar hans nyfikenhet för olika typer av gränser;
Fysiska, visuella som vetenskapliga..

I really like how Alexander Kent captures his experiments with the idea of boundaries; 
Physical, visual & scientific.

via ignant

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  1. I love these too! It is very catching for the eye.

  2. Have you seen my Swedish customers I'm waiting for right now?

    By the way: Wonderful and witty artwork of Alex Kent!

    Have an inspiring week, dear Johanna!


  3. wow - vilka underbara foton! helt ljuvliga. jag kan inte sluta titta.


  4. Right after my post, they arrived at our company! They had a little delay at Stuttgart airport, because the luggage of one of our distribution partners was lost in space. I'm curious to hear if the airport managed to transport his (hopefully) found again (?) suitcase to the hotel until they returned from this evening's bbq party.
    In the end Kjell, my Swedish colleague from Göteborg, and three of his customers spent a great and diversified day at our headquarters together with me.
    All's well that ends well. ;-)

    Have a pleasant evening, Jo.


  5. Oh love these! Particularly the black light lamp :)

    (although yellow one too)

    Have a great day! x

  6. Amazing pics, love the last one! and you have a little surprise in my blog, I hope you like it!, xo


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