lördag 4 februari 2012


Haha, I'm definately a chronic procrastinator! Anyone else?

by ryan perera via vimeo via petnoga

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  1. no control over here... I'm chronic too!! and so many portions I make of tasks everyday...one day I'll be efficient... for sure... but not today!

  2. hahaa...:) I have one that is less solving the problem than being part of it itself - but it is so very well done: http://elilos.blogspot.com/2011/11/procrastination.html

    I guess thinking about procrastination to much is only supporting the viscious circle. one should not always tell oneself, that one is unable to finish stuff. most of the people who feel like (or are aware that) procrastination is a problem for them get more and often great things done than others...

    In this sense: don't stop strolling vimeo, even if it is procrastination every once and then, höhö!


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