tisdag 20 december 2011


Kan inte fatta att det snart är jul. Vart tog 2011 vägen?

I can't believe that it's Christmas this week. Where did 2011 go?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Underbar illustration! Ja du, det undrar jag med... :-)

  2. Where did 2011 go?

    --> Shopping?
    ---> Went to buy cigarettes - and never returned??
    ----> Mallorca???
    -----> Facebook????
    ------> Lost most of this year's time by everyday blogging?????
    -------> Went to the dogs??????
    --------> To much work, insufficient leisure time???????

    ---------> I captured most of the year 2010 by taking photos - nearly every day!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and a more carefully approach with 2012's valuable time!



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