fredag 4 november 2011

marbelous wood.

Detta urcoola golv är framtaget av Pernille Snedker Hansen på "snedker° studio". 
Hon säger att hennes drivkraft är att utmana våra upplevelser av ytorna i vår omgivning, och det går inte att ta miste på..

This supercool flooring is designed by Pernille Snedker Hansen at "snedker° studio". 
She says her drive is to challenge how we look at the surfaces in our surroundings, and about that I have no doubt.. 

"Marbelous Wood challenges the way we use wood in our built environment, where function & aesthetics reach a sublime level of harmony. An old marbling technique give the wood a supernatural, organic, colorful & vibrant pattern. The applied decoration engages in a dialogue with the natural rings of the wood."

via betterlivingthroughdesign, photos from snedkerstudio, video from youtube

3 kommentarer:

  1. My oh my. Couldn`t first believe my eyes. All those colours!! Absolutely gorgeous, marvellous, amazing..


  2. Isn't it fantastic!?
    I donät know if I'd really have it in my house.. But I still love to look at it!

  3. Det er jo sindsygt flot! Får jo lyst til selv at gå i gang med at designe mit gulv!


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