torsdag 29 september 2011

natural beauty.

Ännu ett bevis på vilka skönheter vi har i vår natur. Fantastiskt fångade av Keri Herer.

Yet another proof of the beauty of our nature. Fantastically capured by Keri Herer.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous piece of artwork / flower photography!

    Today you definitely inspired me (again)!


    Have a great and sunny evening, Johanna!

  2. I know aren't they great!!

    Thanks Uwe I will have a sunny evening ;)
    You too!

  3. These flowerpower photos are amazing. The colours are simply gorgeous.

    Nature keeps amazing us time after time. When you think it has no more tricks up its sleeve, it blows your mind with something like this.



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