onsdag 27 juli 2011

loads of books.

Jag gillar verkligen att använda böcker som aktiva objekt i interiörer! De gör det hela lite mer levande på något vis..

I love it when books are active in the interior. They somehow liven it all up..

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  1. We wanna spend the next birthday party together with some friends in a bookstore! "Lock in and enjoy" (literally translated) is the motto of our favourite bookstore in our hometown. Reading, drinking, enjoying little snacks in the evening after the regular opening hours.

    Very inspiring! ;-)

    Have a pleasant day!


  2. What a cool idea! A party in a bookstore sounds great!
    I'm glad I could inspire. A pleasant day to you too!

  3. Ett liv utan böcker är inget liv :)
    Älskar den sista bilden.

  4. totally agree!
    and when they are nicely photographed. :P


  5. Kan bara hålla med. Skulle vara bra mysigt med ett eget litet bibliotek här hemma:)

    Kram Sophie

  6. I just love books. Never could walk past a bookstore or bookshelves in a second hand shop<3

    Reading amazing stories is, of course, the main thing but I have to admit; I´ve bought a few just for the great cover:D One of the best finds is a big bright pink book about The Clash.



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