tisdag 16 november 2010


Jag gillar verkligen möblerna och jag ääälskar hur de presenteras både i bild och här i videon!
Såhär säger pos1t1on om deras roll och kollektion via deras supersnygga hemsida;

"In the 21 century when the information, creativity and conceptional thinking are the key elements of the success, 
the position of the design and the designers are getting more and more important(relevant).Our job is to inform, 
communicate and to develope innovative ideas! The studio has released their first, 2010 furniture collection which 
was inspired by parasite organisms as a reflection to the Hungarain design in contrast with the international trends. 
The woven seating surface of the furnitures were designed in a collaboration with Phuong Thuy Nguyen (textile-
designer). Meanwhile the group is working on their next collection, the 2010 collection is available for order."

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